How to Use Directories for Backlinks

Getting backlinks to your website is one of the most effective ways to climb the ranks in online searches. Because of this, SEO experts are constantly looking for ways to make effective backlinks. One of the most time-tested ways to create high-quality backlinks for different kinds of websites is to make use of article directories.

With the right techniques, using directories will help you yield high-quality backlinks that will drive traffic to your website. This article will provide you some tips on how you can do exactly that.

So what exactly is an article directory? This is a website that serves as a collection of articles written about different subjects (hence, it is called a directory). Also referred to as content farms, such websites are often used by both online marketers and website managers for producing mass content.

Directories accept new articles from any contributor, provided that the articles they submit are unique. Submitted content must not be published anywhere or have any traces of plagiarism or article spinning. On the average, an article submitted to such directories has a length ranging from 400 to 1000 words. Also, keywords and tags may be used for further article categorization.

Now that you know what directories are, it is now time to learn how to use them for backlinks. Basically, this is the step-by-step process on how to do it.

1.Create an account- Article directories require you to create an account so you can start to submit articles. There are literally thousands of directory websites active at the moment. It is highly recommend that you create your account with the best directories. This is because search engines such as Google tend to prioritize content found in established directories. Each article submitted there are reviewed by humans and spam content are filtered out, which counts for something with the way search engines work these days.


  1. Know the rules of writing articles there- Each directory have their own rules when it comes to posting content. Make sure to check them out to avoid the risk of your article being pulled out or your account being disabled. For example, some directories set a minimum word count and a maximum keyword density. Make sure to check out these rules before posting to prevent any unexpected issues.


  1. Create original content within a specific topic- Originality is a must when you are creating content for article directories. Of course, there would be topics where you’ll be required to tap information from other sources, but the content should still remain original. In addition to this, when you are talking about a specific topic, make sure to stay there. If you’ll go off-topic, make sure it is still connected to the overall gist of the article. Such deviations can potentially be considered as spam and can significantly hurt your prospects of rising up the search engine rankings.


  1. Check grammar and spelling- Proper article construction is important in so many ways. Nailing grammar, spelling, and other aspects of formatting ensures your article gets approved for posting. Going further, this also improves the overall quality of your content, which speaks well for building a writer’s authority. Before posting, make sure to proofread it well and do revisions if you see fit.


  1. Make use of the resource box- It is in this box where the backlinks are added. Here, the information about the writer and the websites he/she maintains are shown. Most article directories allow the inclusion of 1 to 3 links. It must be noted though that each link must go to different pages.


Using directories is one of the easiest ways to create backlinks for your website. When combined with other techniques such as guest posting, it is a great way to promote your website, expand its profile, and possibly raise its rank in search engine rankings. As long as you do it right (and it’s not all that difficult), article directories will help you achieve your SEO goals.


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